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Guided tour: Schönbrunn Palace without long queues

Nothing is more frustrating than queuing for a ticket and wasting valuable time. It is not uncommon for visitors to forego a tour of the palace‘s interior for this exact reason. Many people content themselves with exploring the other top sights and attractions such as the zoo, the Gloriette, the palace park, the Orangery Garden, the Children’s Museum, the Maze, the Labyrinth, the Crown Prince Garden and many more in a self-organised “Grand Tour” – and then fortify themselves in one of the restaurants on the park grounds.

But, as beautiful as sights such as the Orangery Garden and other attractions are: If you visit Vienna, you should not have to miss out on the main attraction, which is Schönbrunn with its magnificent rooms.

And you don’t have to!

Our “Skip the Line” guided tour

You avoid long queues on our “Skip the Line” guided Highlight tour, as the tickets are already organized and our entrance time is booked in advance. Your adventure starts as soon as you arrive at our starting point (Schönbrunn Palace, Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Vienna) at the agreed time. No waiting, no queuing, no delay.

Your Visit to Schönbrunn Palace & Garden


Vienna is worth a trip and a visit to Schönbrunn Palace is not to be missed. When Schönbrunn Palace was expanded and rebuilt in its current form in 1754 as the summer residence of the imperial  family, it was one of the most impressive palaces in Europe – and it still is today. Today, Schönbrunn can be visited on guided tours, exploring the historic rooms and other highlights of the imperial residence.

Join us and witness the magnificent sight for yourself. Travel back in time and feel like Empress Maria Theresa, Empress Elisabeth (Sisi), Emperor Franz Joseph or Emperor Franz Stephan of Lorraine for a few hours as we guide you through the impressive exhibition rooms and explore the beautiful Baroque gardens with you.

Your adventure starts here

Your tour begins at the Ehrenhof Fountain in front of the palace. Each visitor will be given an overview of the history of Schönbrunn Palace, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as information about its most important residents such as the imperial couple Franz Joseph and Elisabeth. Finally, our guide will take you on the “Highlight Tour” through the historic state rooms and representative rooms of the Habsburg dynasty.

What can you see at Schönbrunn Palace?

A visit to Schönbrunn has a lot to offer. Whether in the magnificent interior or in the idyllic  park with all its attractions and sights. Here are some highlights:

Die Große Galerie

Great Gallery

The Great Gallery with its magnificient interiors was the ideal setting for courtly events. From the middle of the 18th century it was used for balls, receptions and as a banquet hall for the Habsburg family. The high windows, crystal mirrors, white and gold stucco decorations on the ceilings form one of the most magnificent rococo halls to be found in Europe today. Since 1961, it has been known to many people around the world, because this is the place where John F. Kennedy met Nikita Khrushchev.

Chinese Cabinets

The Chinese Cabinets bear witness to the fondness and admiration for Far Eastern lacquerware, silk tapestries and porcelain from China, in the early 18th century. Around 1755 to 1760 the rooms were furnished with the most precious objects from East Asia. Both rooms served Maria Theresa as conference rooms. Secret conferences or meetings with her state chancellor Prince Kaunitz were also held in the Chinese Cabinets.

Zeremoniensaal Schönbrunn

Ceremonial Hall

The second Antecamera, also known as Great Antecamera, in front of Emperor Franz Stephan’s flat was also a ceremonial hall for family events such as baptisms and birthday parties. The State Hall in Schönbrunn is most notable for the monumental paintings commissioned by Maria Theresa depicting an event that took place in 1760: the marriage of Joseph, heir to the throne, to Isabella Bourbon – a union that established peace with France.

Blauer Chinesischer Salon

Blue Chinese Salon

The Blue Chinese Salon is steeped in history. The negotiations that led to the renunciation of the regency of Emperor Charles I took place here on November 11, 1918 – a day now known as Republic Day. Previously, the Blue Chinese Salon served as the council chamber of Emperor Francis I Stephen. The paper wallpapers with blue floral motifs on a yellow background, which give the room its name, presumably date back to its first furnishing as Franz’s council chamber.

Vieux Laque Zimmer

Vieux Laque Room

This room takes its name from the precious furniture with black lacquer panels which came from the imperial manufactory in Peking. Originally it was the study room of Franz I Stephan. After his sudden death in 1765, it was remodelled into a memorial room by order of Maria Theresa. Vou will also witness the millions room, which served as Maria Theresa’s private reception room.

Porzellanzimmer Schönbrunn

Porcelain Room

This room received its present furnishings in the time of Maria Theresa, around 1763. As typical Chinoise furniture, the blue and white carved wooden frames were intended to imitate porcelain, which was in great demand in 18th century Europe. Integrated into the wood panelling are 213 delicately framed gouaches painted by Maria Theresa’s children after designs by French artists Francois Boucher and Jean Pillement.

What not to miss after the Schönbrunn Palace Tour

After finishing your tour of the interior of Schönbrunn, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the world’s oldest zoo on the magnificent grounds, the “Schönbrunn Zoo”. Other attractions not to be missed are the Pagoda, the Chinese House, the Dutch House, the English Garden, the French Garden, the Maze, the Palm House, the Orangery and many, many more.

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Tour Infos

Tour Starts: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
When: at 10:30
Where: At Ehrenhof Fountain in front of the palace
Price: Adult: 54€ Children from 7-18: 45€   Children 0-6: for free

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